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Here is « Chapters », the new E.P.

5 titles for a second chapter.

Mirage’s third EP begins the transition to a definitely modern Rock Prog sound. The narrative universe meanwhile, is more historical and legendary with the true story of Sheherazade, the world of the Northern Kingdoms (Philip Pullman) in Golden Compass, the legends around Iboga (a ritual drug from Gabon), Disease of Gone (which evokes the “disease of suicide”: the AVF) and Salem (the hunt for “Witches”).CH


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1. « Golden Compass » 

This song is inspired by Philip Pullman’s « His Dark Materials » trilogy takes us once again into a dark and fantastic dreamlike universe.

Pop/metal title with very current colors. At a moderate tempo, it develops a rhythmic and harmonic framework that is particularly direct and catchy on first listen. The melodic quality and the complementarity of the two female leads are once again highlighted while avoiding the pitfalls of technical overbidding which would be inappropriate.

2. « IBOGA » 

Inspired by the testimonies reported following the consumption of Iboga, a ritual drug in Gabon.

Introductory pad made of dark and plaintive choirs, troubled atmosphere maintained by a heavy and convoluted rhythm. Developed through multiple variations, this riff present throughout this musical lament establishes a heavy atmosphere that skillfully contrasts with the volatility of the various female leads.


Disease of Gone is the story of « the disease of suicide », a condition that hurts so badly it drives you mad with pain…

Title with both pop and rock tints due to its vocal melodies and saturated guitars. Resolutely catchy in its development, Disease of Gone unrolls at a moderate pace a plaintive atmosphere in constant intensity. The choice of the always harmonized lead voices, the presence of an elegant guitar solo before an epic final assault give this composition a sonic thickness without betraying its very accessible side.

4. « SALEM » 

Salem is a look at the 17th century witch hunt.

Direct and very dynamic prog rock track. It gives pride of place to multiple rhythmic variations (7/4, 6/4, 12/8…) and saturated riffs Epic guitar solo supported in its development by a wall of saturated guitars and vintage keyboards. Long and very atmospheric central vocal range.



Also inspired by a mixture of tales and real facts, we travel here in an october of the Thousand and One Nights.

Composition Prog rock in essence where music is the medium of a story. Audacious in its narration, its choices of instrumentation, arrangement, Sheherazade astonishes with its musical framework that is both powerful and nuanced (contribution of the transverse flute and the violin, saturated and heavy refrains, string accompaniments, dense choirs …). Note a final epic made with great reinforcements of saturated rhythm and massive choirs.